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I’ve been working in the industry of digital marketing and design for four years, and only recently did I realise that if I wanted to do anything significant in my life while also adding value to others, I needed to accept the challenge. As a result, I founded WeThinkDIGI, a marketing firm, to assist people in becoming more liberated. Other than that, I’m a proud Khaitanian. I’ve participated in a variety of extracurricular activities at school, including Tedx, being a member of the school’s newspaper and radio, as well as being the Program Head of the Khaitan Internship Program.
Internal motivation is what pushed me to achieve financial independence back when I was 15 and urged my peers to do the same, because the sooner you achieve financial independence, the more you dare to survive in this world. Now also I put in constant efforts to make my atmosphere filled with ambitious people. You don’t have to be a college graduate or a genius to be successful, but you do need an ambition and a successful framework. WeThinkDIGI is a digital marketing company that specialises in Graphic design, Printing services, Web development, Videography, Editing, Photography, Digital printing and Social media management. We help businesses by designing a successful business model and implementing a complete business approach regarding social media. We also assist people in establishing a competitive presence in the market while staying within their budget. In the last six months, we’ve added ten new brilliant members to our team. Our company strives to give clients the best digital marketing service possible. The most important component in determining a company’s success is customer satisfaction. As a result we consider their satisfaction as our upmost priority. Financial assets are what most firms struggle with in this digital era. As a result, we also emphasise on provide services to our clients at a low cost, allowing small businesses to be more flexible. As we go ahead into the future, everyone at WeThinkDIGI will work hard to create sustainable growth for the company and society.

Siddhant Chopra

CEO & Founder @ WeThinkDIGI

>Our Team

Lets Meet the People

Divyansh Khattar

Chief Operating Officer

Samarth Malhotra


Samiksha Sharma

Designer & Short Video Editor

Akshara Bhardwaj

Sr. Content Writer

Arushi Saxena

Social Media Coordinator

Ishita Gupta

Content Writer

Get to know us, introduction of ours!

WeThinkDIGl is a digital marketing agency formed by young entrepreneurs that has catered to clients in Gurugram, Rohini, Bangalore, Sonipat, Bhilai, Delhi and Punjab. 

We specialise in Graphic design, Printing Services, Web Development, Videography, Editing, Photography, Digital printing and Social media management. We assist firms by creating an effective business plan and putting in place a comprehensive social media strategy. We also help people build a strong market presence while staying within their budget. Apart from this, We provide ample internship opportunities and focus on getting them viable experience to make them ready for the industry.

>Featured on GNT (Aaj tak)

formerly known as AajTak Tez) by India Today group

Looking for Internship Opportunities?


Every company nowadays demands job applicants to fill out a brief part about their work experience; through our internship programmes, we assist students in gaining this experience. In order for students to develop industrial knowledge in their respected specialties, we introduce them to the corporate world. They can also get admission to several places with the LOR and certifications we give them. It is Indeed a golden opportunity to grab at the earliest!

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There’s a say, If you don’t satisfy your customers, your business will fail.
WeThinkDIGI prioritises their customer satisfaction and therefore work towards achieving it. Our customer service is the unconditional commitment to giving the highest level of product or service to every person, regardless of the circumstances.